Franck Dadure is a french composer musician (Double Bass, electric Bass, Soprano saxophone, Turkish Clarinet , Keyboards, guitar, electronics & DIY hardware..), & producer living between Paris & the Cotentin Peninsula. He works as in the electro acoustic Ambient area under many aliases, than the Electro Jazz with « The Fakir Orchestra » or with bands like Albert Londres trio / Antenne en Fer / UHT°…He sign on the label Signature (Radio France) for the album « Mélodies Lunatiques. »(Harmonia Mundi distribution).

The next album is scheduled 18 november 2016 on the same record label, and recorded in Radio France studios. Franck compose music and soundscapes for radio, film, concerts, installations, dance, performances, Dj sets, soundscapes and play live solo or with bands Europe/ China / Canada…No chapel, no border.