The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the lives of almost all Americans. For the multi-talented JOHN DAVERSA, the quarantine has been a time of reflection about the importance of family and the interconnectedness of people who enrich our lives.

CUARENTENA: WITH FAMILY AT HOME is an homage to familial love and the healing power of music through the muse of the bolero. Daversa assembled a superstar Miami-based band for this project. All the musicians on this project come from either musical families or from regions with a rich musical culture, and the concept for this album resonates deeply for each of them.

The themes of CUARENTENA: WITH FAMILY AT HOME, of family and the integrative power of music, could not be more current or necessary for today’s troublesome times.

The melodies and arrangements are delicate and elegant with-out ever succumbing to sentimentality. But that’s what you can expect from an artist of John Daversa’s cerebral depth and big heart, especially when he’s joined by musicians of such prodi-gious stature.

CUARANTENA: WITH FAMILY AT HOME will be released on August 28th on all digital platforms.



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