DALLAS, Texas – – August 5, 2013 – – Dr. Kenneth Love (aka Kenny Love), Founder of ABANA Music and Kenny Love Jazz Concerts, has begun a unique national community social cause of which its mission is to enable Jazz music fans in small towns across America to experience and enjoy exciting high-quality professional LIVE music concerts locally. These locally produced hometown music concerts will eliminate the need for music fans to travel several hours to a major city for concerts while also saving them as much as 90% in travel and related expenses. As such, Dr. Love’s organizations are utilizing the popular GoFundMe.com fundraising website to request donations for the cause’s mission, which will be utilized for concert operation, production, promotion, and publicity. In exchange, Dr. Love’s organizations offer attractive rewards for donors, with complete details available at http://www.gofundme.com/smalltownbigjazz


Love, himself, grew up in a similar environment and in a small town consisting of a population of approximately five thousand people. He recalls how the closest and largest cities were two hours and three hours away, respectively, from his home town.

“I remember our having to leave very early in the morning for such events as the Budweiser Music Festival in Houston,” he says. “While we eagerly looked forward to enjoying the music, the preparation and long trip to and fro were both tiresome and gruesome. And even though we packed lunches, invariably, we would be required to purchase additional food at some point during the trip as well as find a place to sleep overnight that was affordable,” he adds.

The Jazz concerts will consist of more than simply listening experiences. Their presentations will, otherwise, be diversified events that include several bands, comedians, emcees, food, door prizes, giveaways, and more in order to present an interesting, fun-filled, and memorable evening for attendees. Likewise, more positive aspects of the concerts include temporary employment for local services, such as sound and lighting companies for music performances, food vendors, as well as opportunities for local businesses to advertise their services in concert directories that will be distributed to concert attendees.

“Most people don’t initially consider it,” Dr. Love adds, “but for a small-town music fan who must travel several hours to a large metropolitan
city for a music concert, what on first glance appears as a reasonable $25 concert ticket price can quickly increase to a $225 expense tab for a single concert, and at ten times the ticket price. And even if individuals decide to travel as a group to the concert in order to reduce expenses, the overall costs can still remain at five times above ticket prices. These inherent peripheral expenses, in addition to ticket prices, include gasoline for transportation, food costs, overnight lodging, and more. On the other hand, small-town music fans who cannot afford this extra expense, especially in today’s economy, miss out on many wonderful opportunities to experience and enjoy LIVE music concerts from artists, and many of whom they may have learned of and enjoyed their music while listening to radio stations. As such, it is our desire to eliminate both of these issues for small town music fans by bringing high-quality LIVE musical entertainment that is already enjoyed in large cities to the under-served small towns and communities across America, and which the corporate aspect of the Music industry tends to continually ignore,” he affirms.

Dr. Love, who has an extensive background in various areas of the Music industry as well as educational degrees in Music and Business Marketing, also served the Music industry as an international radio/video promoter and media publicist for over twenty years. Review more details and information about Dr. Love and learn how you may contribute to his national social cause’s community mission, as well as review his cause’s donor rewards program at http://www.gofundme.com/smalltownbigjazz