The #WCM BOLD Campaign Will Help The Women And Non-Binary Community Raise Their Voices 

#WomxnCrush Music (#WCM), the leading arts and music non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for rising womxn + non-binary songwriters, has unveiled its biggest, BOLDEST fundraising campaign in history. Kicking off July 14, #WCM BOLD is inviting supporters to contribute to its year-long giving initiative as the thriving organization continues its steadfast pursuit to level the playing field for their community in the overwhelmingly male-dominated music industry. 

In fact, between the years of 2013 and 2021, 13.4 percent of artists nominated for Grammy® Awards were female and 86.6 percent were male (Statista). And, according to a 2019 Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study on the music industry, of the top charting songs of 2,767 songwriters credited, just over 12.5 percent were women. #WCM not only wants to lessen this gap – it wants to crush it. 

“We not only want to lessen the gap of opportunities being provided to our community, but we also want to be the ones creating these opportunities. Funding for the BOLD campaign would help us create jobs and paying gigs, which are so desperately needed to rebuild the live music industry after the effects of COVID-19,” saidAshley K. Stoyanov, founder/CEO of #WCM. “The only way that we’re going to increase those stats is by getting more of our community out there, in front of decision makers. We have so many ideas; we just need financial support from people who want to crush the gap with us.” 

Donors and sponsors have several ways they can support the #WCM BOLD initiative. 

#WCM Capacity Building Campaign for the Future 

#WCM is a 100 percent volunteer-run, fiscally-sponsored project. After this devastating year for the music industry, #WCM has continued to be a pillar of strength for the community and is well-poised to make an immense impact for future womxn and non-binary songwriters. #WCM recently completed and launched their new Strategic Plan –a long-term vision for #WCM business and artistic future. 

            Plans include: 

  • Professionalizing current volunteer positions like recruitment of paid Chapter leaders to run management of events and showcases in each city; 
  • Support monthly showcases in over 10 cities to assist musicians in gaining exposure for their music; 
  • Hiring a full-time Executive Director to expand the organization’s programming, reach and potential to make an impact;
  • Stipends for panelists hosting The Crush Webinars; 
  • A full-time Editor in Chief for The Crush Blog; 
  • New salary positions for marketing, development, and administrative position. 

The Crush Annual Fund 

The Annual Fund provides yearly operating support essential to achieving #WCM’s mission to educate, connect, and inspire womxn songwriters in all stages of their music careers. The annual programs include: 

  • Free Monthly Showcases at local venues worldwide that provide platforms to help musicians get noticed and gain exposure for their music. Often, showcases are attended by booking agents and industry professionals, facilitating much-needed exposure to artists. 
  • The Crush Blog, also known as #TheCrush, is an extension of #WCM’s mission, highlighting new releases, educational articles, and inspirational content written for their community by members of their community. There is a considerable lack of rising womxn songwriters covered in outlets, along with a lack of outlets that specifically cover women in music. #TheCrush fills the gap in more ways than one to elevate and amplify the voices of their community. 
  • Webinars arm independent artists and songwriters, from novice to professionals, with the tools and knowledge to confidently build and manage the business side of their art. Examples of #WCM webinars include subjects like “Hone Your Craft: How To Write For Movies And TV,” “Build Your Biz: Building A Website For Your Music,” and “Get Your Music Heard: Song-Sessions,” where songs get live critiqued by industry pros. 

The Crush Special Projects 

#WCM works to empower and increase women and non-binary songwriter participation in the industry through Special Designated Projects. These include: 

  • The Crush Scholarships 

 #WCM works to remove barriers for womxn and non-binary songwriters. With the prohibitive cost of studio time, marketing, recording, and hiring an accompanying band, The Crush Scholarships were established to bridge the gap between those with access to studio time and       those without it. 

 The Crush Scholarships are two $5,000 scholarships awarded to two outstanding (BIPOC + LGBTQ+) womxn and non-binary songwriters to facilitate the production of an original track. 

Event Sponsor 

  • Inaugural Anniversary Gala. #WCM turns FIVE! Their inaugural anniversary gala will take place in March 2022, in honor of International Women’s Month. They are inviting supporters to help them celebrate their mission and drive their vital programming of sharing knowledge and creating opportunities so womxn and non-binary artists can shatter the music industry’s glass ceiling. The Crush Scholarships are awarded at the event. 
  • #WCM’s TwoDay Summit.  Celebrate and connect at #WCM’s Two-Day Summit this Fall. The summit will highlight the many extraordinary womxn and non-binary songwriters in their community and aims to advance discourse for removing barriers of current and future generations of songwriters.

“The BOLD campaign is aimed at expanding our base of philanthropic support to meet the challenges of equity in the music industry and to advance #WCM’s mission,” said Jude Bedel, senior development associate for #WCM.

For more information about ways to contribute to the BOLD campaign visit

For more information about #WCM visit and IG @womxncrushmusic 

About #WCM

#WCM was founded in 2017 by Kervabon-Stoyanov as a way to connect underrepresented people in music and create more opportunities for them through a safe and supportive community. A songwriter herself, Kervabon-Stoyanov relied on her extensive industry experience working in various capacities in public relations, booking, ticket sales, and marketing to grow the #WCM movement into one of the largest non-profit arts organizations in the industry today, dedicated to creating opportunities for rising women and non-binary songwriters.

The organization is a 100 percent volunteer-run, fiscally-sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media and over the last four years has hosted over 400 showcases, educational workshops, and networking

events across 16 North American cities and created a community of over 10K who want to see more rising womxn songwriters topping the charts, winning awards and headlining at their favorite festivals.