If ever there was a time for a piece of art to unite us, a hymn to move us, it’s right now.

Enter BeBe Winans with his new song, Black Lives Matter.

From a father’s gentle prayer to a preacher taking us to church, Mr. Winans has given voice to an entire movement, boiling it down to one gorgeously simple line.

It’s the right to live we’re after.

And then there’s the video. The song’s video is a beautifully choreographed collage of images that I’ve seen a hundred times and images that I have never seen. The man who sobs. The woman who rants. The family who plays. Fists in the air. A rainbow of people in the streets. And the children. Oh Lord, the children.

Our sons and daughters matter.

Mr. Winans sings for the new graduate and the toddler protestor, for the young figure skater and the aspiring violinist, for the child who lost her daddy, his brother, her sister, his aunt, and for all the little girls and boys who have to grow up so they can make this world better.

This song and this video and this movement are about the children.

Yes, black lives matter.

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