Music enthusiasts these days get to listen to numerous experiments on fusions and cross-genre music! For example, the current ripple in the music industry is about the new jazz album that is to be launched this year by jazz maestro Tony Bennett and pop sensation Lady Gaga. It’s a unique combination of two different music genres by two prominent artists in their respective musical realm. The former is known for his mesmerizing songs like “I left my heart in San Francisco”, “Stranger in Paradise”; and the latter got famous for the songs such as ‘Poker Face’, “Born This Way” and many others.

The collaborations of musicians of two different generations as mentioned above shows how versatile jazz could be, and such blending of music genres are quite possible. Other than listening to music, if you also want to get into the groove of jazz through enjoyable learning sessions, then you can enroll yourself for any of the reputed summer jazz programs organized by established jazz music schools. These summer jazz intensives are conducted by eminent jazz artists and educators, who will walk you through jazz theory, sectional workshops on rhythm, melody, jam sessions, ensemble practice, and master classes.

Apart from the theory and practice sessions as mentioned above, you will know more about why it’s considered a soulful form of music. It’s a unique music genre that embraces creativity and evolves on its way to become more versatile. It has a universal appeal in the world of music. It can absorb any musical forms, be it Roman, Celtic, Flamenco, Indian, or Arabic, and evolve continuously by producing endless variety of melodies and rhythms. The wide spectrum of jazz led to origination of various other styles such as Bop, Cool Jazz, Swing, Free Jazz, Classic, Bebop, and so on.

Besides its versatility and wide reach, jazz has always managed to open up new avenues of communication between different cultures. Furthermore, its distinctive styles support the underlying values of individual freedom and expressions without fear. It also makes the learners realize the importance of liberation, tolerance, team work, and individuality. Experience all these yourself by joining a summer jazz workshop. It will be a beginning of a new journey to follow in the giant footsteps of the legends, who weaved the magic of melody and harmony for ages.