Guitarist Gerry Beaudoin-Saxophonist Harry Allen

Award winning jazz guitarist Gerry Beaudoin and world class jazz saxophonist Harry Allen have joined forces and released a stellar recording of eight Beaudoin compositions and two jazz standards. Titled the “Return” it is the result of a six month hiatus from music by Gerry Beaudoin due to a bout with pneumonia. During his convalescence he examined his career, and decided to return to his musical roots. He wrote over  30 original songs in this period. His first performance back was with Harry Allen. The musical and personal respect for each other was instant and the Return is a result of that night. They are continuing their collaboration together with live performances across the USA and Canada. ” Some of these songs are destined to become ” new standards. The Return was submitted for a 2011 Grammy Award.  This collaboration can be previewed at : or you can visit their website at :