New York saxophonist Daniel Bennett plays his CD release concert at the Triad Theater (158 West 72nd St, NYC) on June 26th at 7pm. Timeout New York chronicled Daniel Bennett’s pioneering spirit during COVID-19, highlighting Bennett’s leadership during the global pandemic. The UK Jazz Journal called Daniel Bennett, “a voice of hope.” The Daniel Bennett Group performed over 100 outdoor concerts during the pandemic, playing regularly at the Canary Club, Gertrude NYC, and Tomi Jazz. Daniel Bennett’s 2021 album release, “New York Nerve,” was conceived outside under snow-covered heat lamps at New York City jazz clubs. The album release will feature Bennett on saxophone, flute and clarinet. The bandleader will be joined by bassist Kevin Hailey, pianist Jenny Xu, and Koko Bermejo on drums. The Daniel Bennett Group was the first jazz group to record in Manhattan after the studios re-opened in 2020. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described Bennett’s new music as, “Modern Jazz, Surf Rock and Avant-Pop.” Daniel Bennett is a touring clinician and associate director of the New York Jazz Academy in Times Square. Daniel Bennett recently played woodwinds in ‘Blank! The Musical,’ the first fully improvised musical to launch on a national stage. The New York Times called the show, “Witty, Likable and Ludicrous!” Daniel Bennett’s theatrical works have strongly influenced his eclectic sound and musical storytelling abilities as a bandleader.