Hi Be-Bop Lovers,

 Just wanted to take this time let all of my Friends, Students and Fans know I am still doing my Saturday Be-Bop Workshop from 2PM til 5PM every Saturday. The first hour will deal with the theory from my Jazz Improvisation Method titled “The Diminished Whole Tone Concept” and the second hour will deal with the application of that theory from “The Diminished Whole Tone Concept“, and lastly the third hour the students will have the opportunity to play in an ensemble to apply what was covered in “The Be-Bop Workshop”. For more information about “The Be-Bop Workshop” e-mail us becarts2@gmail.com. We hope to see your face in the place trying to keep Be-Bop Alive and Well and Living back Home in Harlem where Be-Bop was Born.

A recent endorsement:

“Dear Mickey Bass,

I am writing to thank you for your amazing presentation. Our participants were completely engrossed with your perspective and focus. Your “Diminished Whole Tone Concept” opens a new world to students and professionals alike seeking a methodology for analysis, practice, performance and progression of the Art of Jazz Improvisation. As you imparted to our students, The Diminished Whole Tone Concept can be entirely successful in practical application. In addition, your vast experience as a working Artist is invaluable information and serves as a model to emulate. .”