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Brownstone Entertainment; Presenting the Finest Quality in Jazz since 1989.....Bringing Jazz Back 'Uptown' to what was once the spawning ground of the 'Be-bop' Era, and its' Traditions. Brownstone is a Production Company which specializes in 'Creative Consultancy' to Live Jazz Music Venues & Organizations; Brownstone arranges Bookings, engages Artists, acts as Press liaison and both writes and delivers Press Releases for the Event. Our work includes: "Jammin' on The Hudson" Concert Series, Riverbank State Park, N.Y.C. since 2005 "The Jazz Legacy Series" at "Creole" Music Supper Club, N.Y.C. through April 18th 2009 "Be-bop Heritage Series, Then...and..Now" at 'Minton's Playhouse', Harlem, N.Y.C. 2006 "The Jazz Heritage Series" at 'The Lenox Lounge', Harlem, N.Y.C. 1996 to 2000 Mickey Bass is; "A regular 'spark-plug' on the Harlem Music Scene! Whether it be in performance with his "New York Powerhouse Ensemble" or His "Manhattan Burn Unit", or in his capacity as 'Creative Consultant' to Jazz Clubs and Organizations, this is a Man, who has made his presence known on the New York City Jazz Scene, for over forty years. Paul Blair, Hot House Jazz Magazine