Mickey Bass

Gran Piatto D’Oro offers an elegant dining experience in a convivial atmosphere at one of Harlems’ latest hot-spots. Gran Piatto in association with Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC is delighted to invite you to a special evening with venerable Bassist Mickey Bass and his “Manhattan Burn Unit”. This performance is a party to celebrate the launch of Mickeys’ newly published and long awaited book of his own original Jazz Improvisational Method: “The Diminished Whole Tone Concept”. This special event promises to be convivial, warm and elegant; good friends, good music and good food.
On Saturday September 28th 2013. Two Sets 9:00pm and 11:00pm. $25.00 Cover Charge per person. For Reservations and more information please call Gran Piatto D’Oro at  (212) 722-2244  .

Mickey Bass is a ‘World Class’ Bass player and a ‘Hard-bop’ veteran. As a “Jazz Messenger” he wrote & Arranged for Art Blakey, including “Chant For Bu” which was sampled in 1991 by Alternative Rap Artists “A Tribe Called Quest” on their critically acclaimed super hit Album “The Low End Theory”. The track is “Excursions” Featuring “Q-tip” and is also featured in their new movie “Beats, Rhymes & Life”. Mickey also worked as a Bassist with Billy Eckstine, Hank Mobley, Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Rollins and Gloria Lynne, for whom he also served as Musical Director. Recordings include stints with Hank Mobley & Lee Morgan for “Blue Note” Records, Bobby Timmons on “Prestige” and Curtis Fuller on “Mainstream”……

As for the Band; Tenor Saxophonist Charles Davis Jr. originally hails from Milwaukee and has worked with Roy Haynes and the Sun Ra Orchestra. Pianist Alan Palmer played with Jackie McLean and Abraham Burton and also in the recent Off-Broadway revival of “The Connection”. Bombardier Mark Johnson is a percussionist who has worked with Abbey Lincoln and David Murray.

“The genuine uncontrived nature of this music and its’ ability to provide a conduit to the souls of the performers and audience alike can only serve to inspire jazz lovers and connect people who could be jazz lovers, if only this music could get greater exposure.”

Mercy Monet, Jazz Improv. Magazine,

Manhattan Burn Unit @ “Minton’s” Be-bop Heritage series Then and Now, November 2006

“The Diminished Whole Tone Concept” (c) 2012 LOB III MUSIC CO.


“In the true tradition of the jazz vernacular, that has been passed down through the generations; this Method offers an opportunity for a composer to shape his Music in a very personal style.”

Dr. Billy Taylor

“This Book is a brilliant addition to the field of Jazz Improvisation, I highly recommend it.”

Dr. David Baker

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