Critically-acclaimed New York saxophonist Daniel Bennett has made waves as both a prolific composer and bandleader, and a very active woodwind doubler in the New York theater scene. Bennett recently composed the score for the stage adaptation of “Frankenstein” at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Manhattan. The Daniel Bennett Group has recently shared concert billings with artists like Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter Trio, Greg Osby Duo, James Carter Trio, Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood), and Steve Kuhn. The Village Voice raves, “saxophonist Daniel Bennett makes hay with an airy approach that’s buoyant enough to conjure notions of East African guitar riffs and Steve Reich’s pastoral repetition.” The Boston Herald described Bennett’s music as “exploratory folk-jazz hybrid.” 

The Daniel Bennett Group stands confidently poised as they prepare for their fifth CD release. The upcoming disc is entitled CLOCKHEAD GOES TO CAMP (Manhattan Daylight Media). The album features Bennett on alto saxophone, flute, and clarinet. The Boston Phoenix described Bennett’s sound as “provocative folk-jazz.” Daniel Bennett seems to take labels with a grain of salt, simply calling his music, “honesty in the form of sound.”

The opening track on the album is the uber-catchy “The Old Muskrat Welcomes Us.” A keen listener will instantly recognize the signature sound of Bennett’s alto saxophone. The second track is a bright and melodic tune called “An Elephant Buys a New Car.” This piece has a certain “old-school” Daniel Bennett sound, with plenty of odd meters and almost pop sounding melodies played on the saxophone. The disc has many standout songs. The band revisits a crowd favorite composition called “Paint the Fence.” Mark Cocheo plays a beautiful solo guitar piece, entitled “Ten Piglets.” This album is sure to delight die hard Daniel Bennett Group fans, as well as entice new listeners!

The Daniel Bennett Group will also be performing a special CD Release “Preview” concert at the All Angels Concert Series on Manhattan’s upper west side (251 West 80th St) on Saturday, May 11th. The band will also be presenting a special digital album release during the month of May. This will set the stage for the official CD release concert celebration on July 10th at the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan (34 West 22nd St).

Daniel Bennett (Alto Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet)
Mark Cocheo (Guitar)
Peter Brendler (Bass)
Tyson Stubelek (Drums)