New York saxophonist Daniel Bennett is known for his “out of the box” thinking. Bennett’s music is a strange mix of American folk, avant-pop and modern jazz. Daniel Bennett has been very outspoken about the need for musicians to go outside and make music for the people. “Zoom got us through the initial lockdown. But now humans need to go outside. There ought to be musicians on every street corner in New York City. We can do this safely. It needs to happen. I just played a concert at a farm house in New Hampshire. Last night I played on the streets in Boston. I’m in a new city almost every week,” said Bennett. 
Daniel Bennett is clear and concise when he speaks: “I go outside and play every day. I never went ‘on pause.’ Sometimes I drop in at a venue and play outside. I share the videos online and help promote the music scene. I play in Central Park almost every day. The public is hungry for music! Last week, I played for construction workers in Times Square (VIDEO). Now I’m playing concerts on the roof of my building. The shows are open to the public and we broadcast the music on my social media.” Daniel Bennett’s movement is rooted in his love for people. “My mission is to worship God and serve the people,” said Bennett. The message is clearly resonating. Many of Daniel Bennett’s videos have gone viral since this month. The world is clearly listening. 
Daniel Bennett has distinguished himself as a leader during the Coronavirus pandemic. “I broadcast all of my private teaching for the world to see. I also made a commitment to release one track on Spotify every week,” said the saxophonist. Bennett is on faculty at the Bloomingdale School of Music and the New York Jazz Academy. “This is our time to strengthen the core of our music community. It’s a beautiful thing!” said Bennett. Daniel Bennett’s upbeat Covid response has been featured in the UK Jazz Journal, The Music and Myth, and Something Else Reviews. Daniel Bennett is also a guest blogger for Bandzoogle. Daniel Bennett summed it up well: “Go outside. The earth is your stage!”