The JAZZ’aqui Association would like to invite you all to participate in the Portuguese JAZZ Festival that will happen between the 23-25th of March in the Kunstfabrik Schlot in Berlin.

The JAZZ’aqui Association was born from the idea of promoting the Portuguese JAZZ in Portugal and beyond borders. Since its foundation several events were already organized, engaging a vast number of musicians, jazz labels, music schools, media, private and public institutions and general public. The JAZZ’aqui was also one of the receivers of a prestigious prize in Portugal from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2016, the FAZ-IOP. More information about the JAZZ’aqui can be found on


Following the previous concert that took place in November here in Kunstfabrik Schlot, the JAZZ’aqui presents now an entire three days Festival dedicated to Portuguese JAZZ, with Portuguese JAZZ musicians coming from different countries in Europe, including Germany. This will be the first of a series of Festivals, held every year in a different country, with the main goal of promoting not only the Portuguese JAZZ and the Portuguese musicians, but also to build a network of musicians connected with Portugal, where JAZZ is the connecting language of choice. Together with the Festival, JAZZ´aqui also promotes a conference about the Portuguese JAZZ with JAZZ Critics and a Professor of History of JAZZ.


If you want to see a teaser of the previous concert we organized here in Berlin, you can check it at:


Attached you can find more information about the event (Concerts and Conference about Portuguese JAZZ). There will also be Portuguese wine during the event.


It would be great to see you all there, and bring friends.



3 days Festival Ticket: 25 euros/ 20 euros (Student)

1 day Ticket: 12 euros/ 10 euros (Student)

Conference is free of charge


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