Presented at The University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Week-long Workshop A
July 3rd – July 8th
Weeklong Workshop B
July 10th – July 15th
2-Day: Anyone Can Improvise! Seminar w/Jamey Aebersold
July 2nd & 3rd
2-Day: Guitar/Bass/Drum Workshop Primer
July 2nd & 3rd
2-Day: Guitar/Bass/Drum Workshop Primer
July 9th & 10th

Presented at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California
2-Day: Anyone Can Improvise! Seminar w/Jamey Aebersold
August 13th & 14th

For almost 40 years, musicians from all over the globe have turned to Jamey Aebersold’s “Summer Jazz Workshops” to improve their jazz playing. During this time, the Workshops have earned a reputation for producing the best intensive programs for learning jazz improvisation. Whether a beginning improviser or a seasoned pro, you’ll leave the Workshops and Seminars with tons of new and exciting ideas about how to improve your playing.

Each Year, the Summer Jazz Workshops assemble more than 60 of the nation’s leading educators and performers dedicated to providing an intensive learning experience for musicians of all ages and levels. Theory Classes, Ear Training, Combo Performance, and Master Class Sessions allow individuals the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. We have tried to put enough information here to answer almost any question you might have, so follow the links in this site to learn more about our programs.

The week-long workshops are the best place to learn jazz through hands-on experience. With over 60 All-Star faculty members for each week, participants are assured of getting plenty of attention in rehearsals and classes. We welcome all instruments, including rhythm section, strings and vocalists.

This is NOT an ordinary “summer camp” … it is designed for MATURE STUDENTS of all ages and all abilities and each day’s schedule is filled with classes, rehearsals, seminars, and concerts. Jazz students who are ready to get serious, whether beginners or pros, will have almost constant opportunities to learn and gain the maximum benefit.

Participants get master classes on their instruments, ear-training sessions, free concerts by the all-star faculty each night (we’ve been told these are worth the cost alone!), jazz theory classes (four levels, from beginning to advanced), and more. Of course, there are the all-important combo rehearsals, led by our instructors, where students are matched (via a private audition on Sunday) with others of the same ability.

The Workshops’ enrollment is strictly limited, and admittance is always on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the postmark of your mail-in application, or by the online registration date). We reserve the right to refuse registrations as space and instrumentation limitations require.

You may NOT sign up via phone, FAX, or e-mail, because we must receive a check or money-order with your completed application (VISA or MasterCard for non-US residents ONLY, NO exceptions), or you may register online. This is so everyone has an equal chance to sign up. We turn people away every year – sign up early!

Several of the most influential Jazz Educators have been instructors since the workshops’ inception including David Baker, Jerry Coker, and Dan Haerle. They will again be here this summer along with 60 other faculty! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

You don’t just get theories and academic formulas from artists and clinicians who don’t have any method, experience or inclination to tell you how they do what they do–you get real, practical, hands-on jazz instruction alongside other musicians at your same level.